No Casino Downtown!

Not In Utica...

November 8, 2021 - Will the Oneida Indian Nation arrive in Downtown Utica with help from Steve Wynn?

January 15, 2016 - Utica is not the place for certain concepts that some politicians are suggesting. Yes, perhaps an expanded AUD for meetings and entertainment. But a beer museum? Doesn't Utica have the real thing? Further more the micro brew industry needs no help, it has boomed and now might go bust [Read The Craft Beer Market Has Exploded, And Now Brewers Are Worried About A Collapse]. Troubling that our government seeks to "catch the wave", when the wave has long past.

In no way is a large hospital district, or a casino, ideas that will move Utica forward. We will show you why in the coming days and months. Please sign-up below for alerts.

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[NOTE: This website is a work in progress. First we'll defeat their downtown hospital concept, and then their casino concept!]

So many are watching Downtown Utica, and many do not like the concepts...

Yes, Utica needs jobs and more opportunities. However, some of the ones we're hearing about will not go forth without a great deal of scrutiny. In an odd way, these bad ideas are very good for Utica. Why?

These bad ideas - the politician's hospital, and now a casino (and we'll document others) - have signaled to many, that our area desperately needs to move past the "bad politics", which have held-back Utica for far too many years. Bad politics and poor leadership, the types that have made our neighboring towns and villages shun us and have allowed those in Albany and across Upstate, to well, not think too much of us - and or in not very high regard. Are they wrong to hold these opinions? No, let's not judge others, let's get to work to show them otherwise!

Welcome to a new Utica. A time and place where the word "No" signals better times and better politics ahead. Let's work to put "the green" into citizen's pockets, not into a downtown casino's cash drawer, or a backer's pocket of their ill-conceived downtown hospital.

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